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Grief Recovery Specialist

When you experience the death of a loved one, it can be one of the most emotionally painful experiences in your life. You are forever changed, and that can be very difficult to accept or adapt, and adjust to. Your loss comes with emotional ups and downs, and is unpredictable as to what emotions it brings along with it.

It can shake your foundation in all areas of your life: spiritually, financially, socially, emotionally and physically. Contact Talk to Connect today for professional bereavement coaching. 

 Mourning and grieving your loved one takes time. It is a process that requires support, compassion, and education.  Let Talk to Connect coaching provide the education it takes to understand and work through the grieving process - and what it requires to reconcile to your new life in a healthier way. Talk to Connect can educate you on what is normal and what is not. They can teach you how to deal with and work through feelings of guilt, loneliness, and "could have, should have." Talk to Connect can educate you on how to recover from being a caregiver, and how to create a tangible plan for moving forward.

Talk to Connect  is the brainchild of Kathy Catarious. She is a Certified Life Coach and has provided professional coaching services and other similar services to those who need it most. Having gone through some difficult times early in her life, she uses her experience and her training to help people overcome life's tough challenges.

You don't have to do it alone. Losing a loved one is devastating. While others may share your grief, only you know the depth of your sadness. You will need time and space to work through your emotions, and adjust to the changes brought about by your loss. 


Let Talk to Connect assist and support you while you deal with your grief. Talk to Connect can hold workshops that will help you get through your sadness. If  you have family members who are also affected, you can have group sessions with them so that you can all go through the grieving process together. Rebuilding our life after your loss may take some time, but if you let Kathy and her Talk to Connect coaching  work with you, we can make your recovery easier.

Let Talk to Connect help you move on. 



Divorce / Relationship Recovery
For some people divorce is not something that they wanted or thought they would ever experience and yet... here it is. 

​Divorce can be overwhelmingly difficult and painful to accept. It's the end of a relationship and it requires moving forward into a different life without the former partner. It can be hard to figure out.

Where do you go from here?
What will my future hold now?

You can be facing other major life changes, like selling your home, moving, or division of assets. It's all a roller coaster of emotions. Divorce is a time of high stress and vulnerability. Sometimes things are too personal to share, even with family member and friends. Talk to Connect is a nonjudgmental support system. Talk to Connect can help you discover your inner self, encourage you, and support your transformation with compassion and education.

Emotions that are experienced can be varied in intensities and has no limit on how many you may experience. Emotions have a reaction, which can create errors in judgment and regrets.

Divorce recovery re-discovers and adjusts your values and desires so you can once again have a happy life. Sometimes it is hard to accept and let go of the life, hopes and future dreams you shared with your former partner. You may feel lost and abandoned, or angry, even enraged.

​Working with a Talk to Connect divorce recovery coach will educate and support you how to work through your experienced emotions in a healthier and more confident way allowing you clarity and insight into the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial manifestations that can occur.

Talk to Connect can help you move forward in a healthier positive way.


Coaching Services
All Services are strictly confidential 

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