Warning signs of grief

Destructive behavior- wanting to hurt self or others

Substance abuse/ alcohol abuse

Stealing/ Vandalism/ destruction of property, Legal issues

Getting stuck at an early developmental age

Over caring for others, obsessive

Prolonged or severe depression

Drop in school or work performance

Taking risks - unsafe behavior

Eating disorder

Trouble with relationships

Aggression and increased arguing with others

Over identifying with the deceased

Withdrawing from family, friends preferring isolation

Changes in appetite either decreased or increased

Change in sleeping patterns

Lack of self care 


We educate in the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and personal effects of grief.

Armed with this educational and supportive tool you will gain clarity and insight into the bereavement process.

Talk to Connect provides education, support, and compassion during your bereavement process. 


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 What is mourning?


Mourning is the public expression of bereavement such as funeral services, rituals, special clothing and symbolic gestures.  This happens usually at the time of loss and the surrounding following months. Numerous physical and emotional issues may arise at this time. We educate you and help you to accept, adapt, and adjust to your loss with resources and compassion.   


 What is bereavement?


Bereavement refers to the period of mourning and grief following the death of a beloved person or pet.  It can be a complex and multi- dimensional experience.

Bereavement has two dimensions the actual loss (death of a loved one) and those events that would have occurred (birthday, graduation, anniversary). This can trigger grief recall and re trigger your emotions and create setbacks.

The bereavement process is unique to you and what or who you have lost. It cannot be based on a prior loss experienced or the experience of another person. There are many factors involved that will determine the depth and duration of your grief. Only you will know the depth of heartache you are experiencing.

We here at Talk to Connect help you to understand the bereavement process and  educate and support you through your transition. It is not easy to accept, adjust, and adapt to loss.

 We educate you on the physical, spiritual, social, emotional effects of loss, which will enable you to make less cognitive errors, that will have a negative impact on your life. Provide you with the needed support. 



The Grieving process takes time. 


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